As I stand on the threshold of our 31st year, one word comes to mind and that word is WOW! Who would have thought that a humble bakeshop would be around 31 years later. It staggers the mind and reminds that I, too, have spent half of my life growing with Julie’s Bakeshop.

Julie’s Bakeshop now is a mature, prime-of-its-life corporation with the knowledge and experience to make itself more than it is. It is now a growing corporation full of driven individuals with only success in mind. From franchisees to corporate support groups, our numbers and expertise have grown and that is a very exciting thing.

However, while we must be thankful for all our gains in the past 30 years let us also not be content to sit on our laurels. Together, let us collaborate as closely as we have to achieve more! Even as we ponder the wonder of our 31 years, your Julie’s Franchise Corporation has even bigger plans for the years ahead. We are now re-orienting our company to be more customer focused by coming up with more appropriate training for corporate support and franchisees, aggressive and sustainable marketing programs, and better system-wide collaboration.

I am excited with the possibilities that exist before us. Surely with the teamwork, camaraderie and synergy that we have, we will surely rise! In Filipino, “Aangat Tayo”. And so together with the aid of the Divine Providence, let us show the world that we can rise and shine!


Joseph R. Gandionco
President / CEO
Julie's Franchise Corporation