• Who chooses the location of the bakery?

    The prospective franchise applicant is required to recommend a specific location. The proposed site is then forwarded to the Franchise Development Office (FDO) for assessment and verification.

    What is the minimum space requirement for a Julie’s Bakeshop site?

    The recommended floor area requirement is at least fifty (50) square meters. It is highly preferred that the site shows prominence, fronting a major road and high pedestrian volume. The site’s frontage should be no less than four (4) meters.

    How much is my initial investment?

    Initial investment varies from Php 1,740,000.00 to Php 2,000,000.00. This includes the franchise fee, security deposit, business development or start-up costs, building renovation costs, machinery and equipment and bakeshop ingredients among others. The franchise fee extends to the qualified franchisee the privilege to operate a Julie’s Bakeshop for five (5) years

    When do I get back my initial investments?

    Payback period is highly on bakery sales. Based on the experience of our existing franchisees however, the average Return of Investment (ROI) is two (2) years.

    What are my monthly fees?

    Monthly royalty is pegged at 1.5% of gross sales.

  • What training do I get?

    Julie’s Franchise Corporation (JFC) provides a full management training program to ensure the success of operating a Julie’s Bakeshop. A new franchise begins with an extensive training on bakeshop management including hands-on making of breads and cakes. Regular seminars and workshops are also provided to franchisees to address on-going demands in running the franchise.

    Who will hire my bakery staff?

    JFC provides the criteria to hire the bakery staff. The new franchisee hires and endorses the selected personnel to undergo the series of classroom and on-the-job trainings.

    Do I get marketing support during the opening?

    JFC provides a bakery opening package consisting of all necessary marketing collaterals needed for a successful bakeshop opening. An item checklist is provided after the signing of the Franchise Agreement.

    Where can I buy my equipment and supplies?

    The Logistics and Supplies Division (SLD) is the sole distributor of all bakeshop equipment, ingredients and supplies.