masa (noun) – the common people
masa (verb) – to knead dough

Corporate Social Responsibility the Julie’s Bakeshop Way:
Years of Giving Bread and Returning Favors

A reciprocal connection between people and bread essentially portrays Julie’s Bakeshop’s relationship with its clientele. Not just bringing bread closer to the people, Julie’s Bakeshop continues to enhance Filipino lives as it considers a healthy relationship with customers alongside business excellence the true measure of growth.

A business that’s thriving on the kneading of dough to make bread for a great number of people indeed makes Julie’s Bakeshop “makamasa” – a bakeshop for the people – “masa” literally meaning people as well as the kneading of dough. Julie’s Bakeshop founder and namesake, Mrs. Julia Gandionco, describes this connection as “a sense of responsibility – to touch, to feel, to reach out and most especially to give.” So for years now, Julie’s Bakeshop has anchored its Corporate Social Responsibility Program on the people-oriented pillars of Achievement; Outreach; Wellness; and Faith.

Achievement. The Achievement Pillar is focused on Education and Leadership consistent with its aim to encourage the young generation to aim higher and set their sights on becoming prime examples to their peers; as well as promote a family environment crucial to molding young achievers. Programs under this pillar are the Leaders of the Future Awards and the Julie’s Family Values Advocacy.

Outreach. The Outreach Pillar seeks to provide help in its most concrete form to aid communities that need it the most. Programs under this pillar are Relief Operations in calamity-stricken areas; and Environmental Activities like Mangrove Planting and Community Clean-Up.

Wellness. As a food company, Julie’s puts Health and Nutrition on center stage with the Wellness Pillar. In partnership with LGUs or specific agencies, under this pillar are Feeding Programs and Medical Missions that provide immunization and vitamins to ensure that children get the proper nutrition they rightfully deserve.

Faith. The Faith Pillar is a major acknowledgment of the presence, guidance and good graces of the Divine Providence who opened possibilities for Julie’s Bakeshop. An annual program under this pillar is the Sinulog Devotee City that provides food and lodging to indigent Sto. Niño devotees. Julie’s Bakeshop sees more Faith-centered programs unveiling in the future that embrace multiple beliefs, respect local practices and participate in festivals in honor of patrons.

Truly the country’s largest bakeshop chain, Julie’s Bakeshop seeks to fulfill its avowed corporate social responsibilities with every piece of delicious, freshly-baked, high quality bread it serves: Hinahain na may pagmamahal ng Julie’s sa daan-daang branches sa buong Pilipinas! Ibahin mo ang Julie’s!

The Julie's "LEADERS for the FUTURE" AWARDS

Future Leaders

A Tribute to Young Filipino Achievers
In today’s society that thrives on change and novelty, one thing that remains constant is the importance of a good education.

Julie’s Bakeshop takes its hats off to elementary graduates in public schools who showed exemplary performance in academic and extra-curricular activities with the annual Leaders for the Future Awards (LFA).

In line with our commitment of giving back to the community, Julie’s Bakeshop embarked on the annual affair since 2004 to acknowledge deserving students.

Now on its 8th year, the Leaders for the Future Awards has recognized 256 students across the country.

Having recently launched the “Aangat Ka” campaign, the Leaders for the Future Awards further strengthens the company’s belief in the potential of every Filipino.

What better way to contribute to society than by forming the minds of its future members, movers and leaders so they become effective in their chosen professions and careers in the future.

Graduates were given recognition and cash incentives, while the school received bread sponsorship certificates.


True to its commitment of unceasingly giving back to the community, Julie's Bakeshop was one of those who have provided service, comfort and fun to thousands of Sinulog devotees who come to Cebu every January to pay homage to the Sto. NiÑo.

JULIE'S TOWN - "Alambijud Elementary School"

Julie's Town is an adaptation of an adopt-a-barangay program wherein JFC identifies an often-forgotten community and help improve its capabilities for better living. This community building project aims to promote a successful collaboration between JFC and the constituents of the adopted community. Together, this dynamic team works to boost the chances of the barangay towards its full potential.

Julie's Town Project further aims to:

Raise the level of awareness and strengthen the spirit of volunteerism among the individuals and employees of Julie's Franchise Corporation

Provide valuable alternatives in utilizing their extra time and resources.