Step 1: Submission of the initial documentary requirements:

    Letter Of Intent (LOI)

    Personal Resume

    Location Map

    Site Photos

    Step 2: Initial site inspection and interview with the Franchise Business Development Officer.

    Step 3: Submission of the Site Market Study:

    Step 4: Pay the Php 35,000 Application Processing Fee

    Step 5: Franchise Business Development Officer will conduct Market Verification.

    Step 6: Undergo the physical exam, psychological exams and background investigation.

    Step 7: Pre-Panel Interview at the Regional Office

    Step 8: Final Panel Interview at the Cebu Head Office


    Step 9: If approved, payment of Total Investment Cost of Php 1,740,000.00

    Processing Fee Php 35,000.00
    Franchise Fee (VAT Inclusive) Php 336,000.00
    Security Deposit 50,000.00
    Machinery & Signages 494,000.00
    Store Construction(50 sqm.) 650,000.00
    Insurance 10,000.00
    Pre Operating Services Package 165,000.00

    Total Investment = 1,740,000.000*

    Step 10: Submission of the following:

    Signed Franchise Agreement

    Contract of Lease (COL)

    Lease Assignment Agreement (LAA)



    1. An application is considered submitted and for processing when requirements 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are complied with. Only upon its submission will Franchise Business Development process the application.

    2. Only one (1) applicant per franchise branch is allowed. In cases of multiple applications in one area, the first one who submits the said requirements will be considered the applicant. Partial submission of requirements will be accepted but will not be considered as filed. It is only upon his/her disqualification will other applicants be entertained.

    3. Franchise applicant then proceeds in making the market study on the proposed area. A market study form is provided by Franchise Business Development. The franchise applicant has 15 days to submit the market study from the time of receipt of the market study form and communication from Franchise Business Development. The application will be considered withdrawn if it is not submitted within the stipulated period. Franchise Business Development will open the area applied for upon withdrawal of the franchise applicant. To re-apply, the franchise applicant has to send a letter of communication to Franchise Business Development stating their interest to re-apply. This re-application would now be subject to evaluation and other franchise applications on line.

    4. The initial Processing Fee of P35,000.00 is paid to JFC upon submission of the market study. Processing will not commence if payment of initial Processing Fee is not received. If payment of the processing fee is not received by JFC in 5 days time, application will be considered as withdrawn.

    5. Finished market study is then submitted to Franchise Business Development for verification. Franchise Business Development decides within a period not exceeding 10 working days on the site of the franchise applicant.

  • 6. Upon the payment of the initial fee, the franchise applicant then accomplishes and submits the following:

    6.1. Complete Physical Examination at the designated laboratory and doctor accredited by Franchise Business Development.

    6.2. Take the Psychological and Suitability Tests. Non-compliance within 15 days of above-cited requirements will forfeit application and initial payment.

    7. Contract of Lease (COL) and Lease Assignment Agreement (LAA) on the approved site should be submitted within 30 days from its approval or it will be considered withdrawn. No panel interview will be scheduled without the Contract of Lease and Lease Assignment Agreement. Should the application be considered withdrawn, franchise applicant may re-apply for the same area so long as there is no other applicant in consideration. A letter stating such should be sent to Franchise Business Development.

    8. Final approval of the franchise application will be made by the panel (composed of five panelist from the members of the ManCom and BOD).

    Contact Numbers:

    Cebu Office:
    Tel.nos. (032) 505-3838
    Mobile (0908) 8209979
    Telefax (032) 261-3326

    Manila Office:
    Tel. nos. (02) 642-2218 / 643-3838
    Telefax nos. (02) 643-5024 / 643-7455
    Mobile no. (0908) 8209979
    Email address:

  • Contact Persons:

    Franchise Business Development Manager
    Mobile No. : (0908) 8209979