It has over 30 years of experience in the bakeshop industry and over 500 Julie's Bakeshop (JBS) operated by about 130 franchisees all over the Philippine archipelago.

Julie's Bakeshop's (JBS) leadership in the neighborhood bakeshop category is unquestionable. The many innovations and best practices JBS introduced when it started in 1981 are now considered standard and imitated by all other bakeshops. And while others are still catching up, JBS is not only expanding in the Philippines but overseas as well.

Ultimately, the foundation for its extreme popularity is the taste and quality of its bread products. Years of experience has led to the perfection of a proprietary Julie's Blend that caters to the varying and discriminating palate of our customers. A blend that keeps them coming back for more.

From the high quality products to the professional support, the strong R&D group, plus the comprehensive marketing programs, you have a bakeshop's recipe for success!

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